For your convenience you may use this Reservations page to submit your requests for the upcoming season at The Timbers Club. You may complete this form online and click the "Submit" button in order to process your request. You will receive a reply e-mail confirming your submission has been received.
Summer reservation requests are due by March 1. Written confirmations of winter reservation requests will be sent on April 1, 2021.

Please contact Cleve Johnson with any questions regarding Reservations and for assistance in completing your form.

Please indicate your choices below for each Planned Vacation Week for the 2021 Summer season. Please note all weeks begin and end on Saturdays. Your request must be received by the Club Reservations Department by March 1st in order to preserve your priority order. Requests received after March 1st will be entered after all on-time requests have been processed. We will begin sending written confirmations by April 1st and your vacation weeks will be posted in the new Owner Portal. You may submit Space Available requests as of April 15th. Requests made prior to that date cannot be acknowledged.

Please note that we have allowed spaces for alternate choices. In the event that your first choice is not available we will automatically confirm the next choice. If none of your choices are available we will place you on the shortest waitlist among your choices. Also - note that though we must make Saturday to Saturday reservations in the initial reservation process, once April 15th arrives you may change your arrival or departure dates as desired within the weeks confirmed. The 2021 Summer season will begin on May 29 and end on October 9.
Planned Vacation Week 1
Planned Vacation Week 2